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Devil’s Punch Bowl

From the top of the tower you’ll shoot down an enclosed tube into the Devil’s Punch Bowl. Around and around you go, picking up speed, until your final descent to the splash pool below.


Rattler's Revenge

Take the plunge rushing through darkness as you’re propelled down an enclosed flume, until you explode into bright sunshine and a spectacular 360-degree turn!


Photo of Rattler's Revenge

The Wildcatter

Thrilling, unbelievable, totally awesome fun! You’ll be propelled, twisting and turning down this open flume slide with two 360° turns, until you reach the splash pool below.

Dusty’s Mineshaft Racer

This innovative ride will turn friend to foe as riders go head-to-head on a high-speed race to glory! Riders launch headfirst into a thrilling 360° turn in an enclosed tube, before plunging 40 down open-air lanes for a downhill dash to the finish.


Big Rock River

Tube-up, kick back, and bask lazily in the sun while coasting around our 925-foot long lazy river. You won’t want to get off this relaxing journey!


Little Miner’s Camp

Hang on, you’re gonna get wet! With a zero depth pool, three slides and a splash play area with spray cannons and a giant tipping water bucket, Little Miner’s Camp is perfect for the young’uns.

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Coming Soon! Tickets & Season Passes