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The Legend of DryTown Water Park

There was a whole lot of nothing in DryTown. Only one thing could be said about it: It was hotter than the hubs of Hades and so dry that the trees followed the dogs around. Water? It was a memory long gone. As local legend has it, DryTown's® history began on June 4, 1856, when Dr. I.M. Dusty, a rogue dentist from somewhere back east, and his wooly brother Wilbur unearthed silver deposits while working with a few other eager prospectors. Now, being smarter and wiser than their hapless cohorts, Dr. Dusty and Wilbur seized the opportunity and formed DryTown Mining Company. Word of their rich finds spread faster than greased lightning, and soon DryTown was full of the wildest, most fearless and thieving hombres any mining town could ever imagine, all looking for their share of the wealth.

Cutthroat prospecting was the name of the game as settlers scrambled to get their claim of the unseen treasure. Dr. Dusty knew that it might take at least 45 years for DryTown to produce even a handful of generous silver claims, but there was just enough silver to tempt settlers to remain faithful to their quests for the mother lode.

In time though, folks grew restless as the silver finds became more and more scarce. And just when it seemed like DryTown was about to blow off the map faster than a tumbleweed in a high wind, the enterprising brothers — ever in pursuit of more hidden treasure - struck true gold. While blasting a forgotten quarry, DryTown’s founding fathers found water! There was water everywhere, bubbling up from the ground like oil. Clean! Refreshing! Cool! More water than they could have possibly imagined. This, they knew, would truly put DryTown on the map, and they wasted no time unleashing the news of their fabulous discovery.

With an enthusiasm never before seen in these parts, DryTown Mining Company was quickly renamed DryTown® Water Park! Memories of the old mining town remained but were washed with a new determination. And artifacts of the past — the old firefighting wagon, tools, rigging equipment, the original saloon, hotel, assessor's office, confectionary shops, bank, law office, dance hall, livery stable, black smith, wagon maker, brewery, tobacco and drug stores — began to come alive again. Come see for yourself!

Welcome to DryTown® — The Antelope Valley’s Water Park

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